Thursday, 3 October 2013

Food and Cooking

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Fun in Food

It takes a lot for someone like me to leave the monotony of life and start writing about what I do for myself usually. I am a rather boring person to talk about so better talk about the world of flavors and aroma. I believe that food is a ploy in dealing with the stress of a very hectic schedule. But that’s what even science talks about! Food reaches our brain and Heart as oxygen which keeps us alive. Talking about oxygen brings me back to the food and the taste of life.

Cooking is the art which can help you win hearts and make others happy too. The art of cooking is not only about the food you make but it’s also about your personality, your life and about you. But do not let your, you, overpower the need of the hour, and believe that you are the greatest chef in the entire world when you find yourself cooking. Give it the best shot, even if you are trying out a new recipe.

Feeling like reading some self help routine talk. But this pep talk can take you to places in real world as well. One interesting incident about the foodaholic in me could explain it further. Once while trying out a new recipe I fell short of something which was meant to give it an interesting yet different taste. And since I was cooking for myself so was not very keen to get it from outside.

That evening when I sat down for dinner and found out what I had cooked, I could not forgive the cook in me. That preparation was a disaster and made me realize how I needed to refresh and work upon the art which I had ignored. Since then I have been part of many cooking classes in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and other places. But I have got lot more to learn about this skill which I think is more about giving than taking.

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