Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Know more about chocolate making tools

Chocolate can be made using so many tools, some of which are discussed here

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Chocolate making

Chocolate thermometer: This is one of the most important tools in making chocolate at home. This tool is meant to decide the perfect temperature for chocolate making. The perfect temperature is very important. A slight change in temperature like increase or even decrease might destroy the delicious taste. Digital thermometers are the best in order to measure the perfect temperature.

Saucepan: Heavy duty saucepans are best of choices for making chocolate. It is easy to handle large amount easily. Saucepan is the primary of choices as because it gets good space to be cooked with proper procedure. As it needs to be cooked in high temperature, copper, cast iron or stainless steel are the most preferred choices of saucepan materials. The saucepan distributes the heat to all over the place evenly.

Scrapers: It is one of the most important tools in chocolate making. It is used to scrape out the remaining from the bowl. Scrapers are used to scrape the chocolate bowl nicely where it was heated. This remaining and scraped part adds up to the taste. It is important to enhance the chocolate quality.

Spatula: Spatula is an important tool, and it is used for scraping. But the primary use of spatula is for mixing. Rubber spatulas are preferred much for mixing the chocolate. It increases the elasticity of the chocolate and the quality of the chocolate. Avoid stainless steel spatulas in chocolate making.

Baking pan: There are two kinds of baking pans. One is made of glass and another is made of aluminum. Both of them have different benefits and the disadvantage for the glass pan is that it has chances of breaking down. The pans are brushed with butter to prevent the chocolate from getting stuck on the surface.

Cookie sheets: It is extremely important and useful in chocolate making. The extra ordinary smooth surface of the cookie sheet provides a huge benefit is smooth surface finish for the chocolates.

These are some of the important tools which are used while chocolate making.

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