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Different ways to make Chocolate

The rich history of chocolate dates back to some 2000 years. It is considered as an aphrodisiac, stress buster, mood elevator, and known to be good for cardio-vascular health. There are so many techniques to make chocolates and we will talk about the traditional way to make chocolates.

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Traditional way to make chocolate
Chocolate is processed using cocoa beans. Let’s see how chocolate is made from the pods of tender cocoa which are picked by hand.

Step 1: The pods are first opened one after another and the seeds covered with pulp are extracted
Step 2: The cocoa seeds are fermented for many days to reduce its bitterness and then it is dried
Step 3: The sacks of the cocoa seeds are sold to the factories where the machines take over
Step 4: The dried seeds are cracked open at the nib and then grounded into chocolate liquor
Step 5: The thick liquid is then processed to make different kinds of chocolates

But nowadays different technologies have been infused but the chocolate making stages still continue to remain the same. The hard work and patience combined with the innovative chocolate making recipes produces great taste and an enchanting flavor which continues to be everyone's favorite.

Chocolate making techniques
The five stages of chocolate making infusing technologies include Roasting, Grinding, Refining, Conching and Tempering. Let’s learn about each of them in detail.
  Roasting: It is an important stage in creating the final flavor. The correct choice of roasting conditions and feature of the cocoa seeds depend on the quality of the prepared chocolate. There are two methods of roasting: pre-roasting and direct roasting.

  Grinding: During or after roasting the beans are shelled. The main feature is an upkeep of the quality and it is done in many stages: milling, sifting and winnowing. Shelling is done when there are few residual shells and grains are of regular size. After shelling, the resultant shelled beans are turned into smooth and fine chocolate.

  Refining: It converts the milled particles of cocoa into a liquid form. The cocoa butter in the mass holds the dry particles together.

Conching: The chocolate liquor is stirred in a controlled way in these machines which are popularly known as ‘conches’. It is an important stage of chocolate making techniques the milled and homogenized products cannot yet be called chocolate. Conching is done in two ways: dry conching and liquid conching.

  Tempering: It is the method of changing the liquid into a solid form. It’s a hard and tender process. In a specific temperature the chocolate is heated until the cocoa butter is melted properly and it is then cooled at a selected temperature.

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